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Misadventures Of A City Girl by Meredith Wilde and Chelle Bliss Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I've read my sixth book for the booktubathon! It was Misadventures Of A City Girl by Meredith Wilde and Chelle Bliss and it was so good! 

NOTE: If you don't like highly sexual books then I'd stay away from this one. Also, some might class it as kind of instalovey but I didn't think it was. There's a PTSD thread running throughout it as well. 

Misadventures Of A City Girl tells the story of Madison or Maddy, who after she's broken up with her husband goes to a mountainside retreat for a little while. What she doesn't know before she gets there, however is Luke, a rugged caveman type of man lives up on the mountain in a shack. Maddy and Luke have some adventures together both in and out of bed. 

Spoilers Below...

Madison is a new divorcee at the beginning of Misadventures Of A City Girl . She wants to go away to Avalon, a mountain retreat for some time to herself.

"I don't want to be converted. I just need some quiet time, maybe a few massages and some fresh mountain air"

tells us that she doesn't want to become a mountain girl. "These are not my people" further demonstrates this. She still wants to be the city girl that the title of the book says she is, she just wants some time away to rest and recuperate.  

The first look Luke, the caveman, as Maddy sometimes calls him, gets of Maddy is when she goes for a naked swim in the lake. He's taken with her then but later when she turns up at his shack later she gets a little more than she bargained for when he tells her 

"I wanted you last night when you were spread out on that rock",

along with other, more heated confessions too. This is where we first see their sexual escapades take place. These escapades are literally in every chapter of this book so if you don't like highly sexual novels, I wouldn't recommend this. I don't mind reading sex scenes but as I said the main characters had a LOT of sex so it was kind of tiresome by the end. The book describes every little bit of these encounters too. It doesn't just breeze over them.

"All I could think about was him. The sexy stranger who came out of nowhere and, although he'd watched me, hadn't wanted to engage" 

is what Maddy says before her and Luke's first sexual encounter so she's even thinking about sex without doing it. 

"I'm better off alone. I prefer the peacefulness of my mountain"

is what Luke thinks in one of his parts before the first sex act but, boy does this change as the novel progresses.

"I'd sworn to serve and protect. Not attack and scare".

Luke is an ex army SEAL. He couldn't deal with the pressure of being in the army so he left to save himself. Here, he's saying he doesn't want to scare Madison off. He just wants to get to know her. He lives on the mountain because he doesn't want his experiences as a soldier to run into his life. When he's on his own, this doesn't happen. 

Later in the book, Maddy takes Luke out to dinner in a downtown restaurant to try and help him get over his PTSD. This fails as they get into an argument with the serving staff there. However, it does make Luke see that he needs to be the one to make the first move in getting over what happened in his past. No one else is going to do it for him. I enjoyed reading about Luke's past and how his traumas still affect him now. 

Madison's ex husband comes into the story to tell her that his mother, who she considered her mother too is dying. We don't see any of Maddy's real family so when she goes to see Susan it's nice to see her treated as a daughter like figure. 

"My son still being an asshole?" is what Jeremy's mom says to her, meaning that she knows what Jeremy is like. She also tells Maddy to follow her own heart and not be pushed into anything by anyone. She wants Maddy to stand up for herself. 

"You mean nothing to him" is Madison's ex's way of trying to get in her head and warn her away from Luke. 

"His words are meant to sting, but they don't" 

shows that Maddy isn't at all bothered and that she knows Luke better than she ever knew Jeremy. 

What both Madison and Luke end up becoming is really sweet, I think. This novel proves that whatever the obstacle, whether it be an annoying ex, stress or just wanting space we should never let anything get in the way of what we really want out of life. That's why I'm giving Misadventures Of A City Girl 5 Stars! It wasn't groundbreaking literature by any means but it was really enjoyable to read. 


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