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Godblind (Godblind Book 1) by Anna Stephens Review

Hi ForeverBookers! 
I've just finished a great, epic, and dramatic book! Godblind is a grimdark fantasy novel, which means that it has a much darker and more brutal tone than regular fantasy novels. I'd say it was more for adults because of this and the sex scenes. Many of the characters are morally grey, and do very ruthless, savage, and inhumane things. This shocked me when I started reading but I still highly enjoyed it. 
4 Stars! 
I requested this from NetGalley and they were gracious enough to send me a review e-copy so thanks to them. 
Godblind is a fantasy tale set in different parts of Gilgoras. It tells the story of war between the Mireces and the Wolves. The storyline of this book is set in the world of Gilgoras, where the people either worship the Dancer, the Goddesses of Light, and her Fox God son or the Red Gods who are the Dark Lady and Gosfath, the God of Blood. The Mireces people choose to worship the Red Gods, but they pay the price by being exiled to the cold and…

The Night Child by Anna Quinn Review

Hey ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished a good book. I requested The Night Child from NetGalley so thank you to NetGalley for granting me access to it.
The Night Child tells the story of Nora, in third person and how she thinks she's going crazy cause of a vision and a voice in her head. We see Nora visit her councillor a lot to try and sort out these wild imaginings. We also see her in hospital for a large proportion of the book. 
2.5 Stars (3 on Goodreads). 
If you're in any way sensitive to mental illness, physical abuse, or suicide then I don't think this would be the story for you. I'd say The Night Child is an adult read or at least a 16+ read. 
Spoilers Below... 
When we first see Nora, she's at work. She's a high school teacher in the USA. That's when she gets her first vision. 
"Am I so tired that I'm hallucinating?"
The use of italics here, show Nora is shocked and doesn't know what to think. The vision is of this girl with &…

How To Make A Wish by Ashley Herring Blake Review

Hey ForeverBookers,
I've just read this great contemporary, character driven story about a girl who falls for another girl. There's people of differing colours too as well as elements of child neglect so if you're at all sensitive either of these subjects, this book probably isn't for you. I'd say this book is for aged 14+ because of the slightly more adult subjects brought up. There's also a love scene, it's not described in great depth, but it's there. 
I read this for the LGBTQIA+ read of the Summer Reads challenge on Facebook as well as for NetGalley, who sent me an e-arc copy to read and review here so thanks to them for that! 
5 Stars! 
Grace is the main character of How To Make A Wish. We follow her POV. I enjoyed reading the book from her perspective, as I've never read an LGBTQIA+ book from first person POV before. It was good to read from the point of view of someone who was actually the lesbian/gay or bisexual in this case.  

Spoilers Below...

Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index by Julie Israel Review.

Hey ForeverBookers,
I've just read a great contemporary book! 
4 Stars! 
Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index follows Juniper Lemon as she deals with the grief of losing her sister, Camilla in a car accident that she was a part off too, as well as trying to follow the clues that lead to Camie's secret.  
The Happiness Index becomes like a way to live on after Camilla. It's like Juniper is reporting to her in some way. 
Spoilers below...
We join Juniper when she's going back to school, for a new year without Camilla. This is strange for her. 
"My throat is tight with all the changes I carry"
shows just how different life has become without her sister. She is trying not let it affect her but without any friends and her being on her own she's struggling with doing that.
"I can't escape the holes. My life is braided through with my sister, and now that she's gone, everything is coming apart" 
details how Juniper is struggling without Camilla. As this i…

The Royal Treatment - A Crown Jewels Novel, Book 1 by MJ Summers Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished this AMAZING book that Netgalley gave me permission to read and review so thanks to them. It was published in May 2017 so is available now...
NOTE: The Royal Treatment is an ADULT novel as the main characters have sex a few times.
The Royal Treatment, which is a dual perspective story, tells the story of Tessa Sharpe, 28 years old who is just a blogger at the start of the story. At first she lives on her own but often goes to see her parents and brothers, and their families. 
We see Tessa make mistakes while she's blogging, which are funny. This gets her in trouble. She also runs a Royal blog, where she keeps people up to date on the monarchy of Avonia, the place where she lives. Tessa doesn't like the Royals. She thinks they're not doing their jobs right. She wants the Prime Minister of the country to take over rule. That is until Prince Arthur asks her to move in with him and his family to just see that they are doing the best job t…

Beneath A Burning Sky by Jenny Ashcroft Review.

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished another great NetGalley arc called Beneath A Burning Sky by Jenny Ashcroft. It's now available to buy/download too!

This is a part of my Summer Reads TBR. It coincides with the Summer Flings Reading Challenge that's happening on Facebook at the moment too! This book marks off the OTP/Star Crossed Lovers challenge. 
NOTE: If you're sensitive to people disappearing this might not be the book for you!
Beneath The Burning Skies in a historical, standalone novel that tells the stories of a few different characters, who live in Alexandria, Egypt. Two of these characters, Olivia and Clara are the main characters, I feel. The bulk of the story centres around what's going on with them. Both Olivia and Clara are English as are a few other characters too. All of the characters have a main part to play in the story, I feel which is nice. 
4 Stars! 
Spoilers below...
What most of this book is is a who done it? plot line, along with a few …