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The Scandal by Fredrik Backman Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I've finished The Scandal and it was good! It took me a while to read because it's over 400 pages and it took a while for me to write this review too.

NetGalley provided me with an e-arc of The Scandal so thanks to them for letting me read it. 
3 Stars!
The Scandal takes place in Beartown, which is in Scandinavia, in this novel. 
"Beartown isn't close to anything". This means that without hockey, the main thing that holds this community together, the people of Beartown wouldn't have anything. It's their life source. 
"Want to bet?" Kevin grins. "100 kronor" Lyt nods. They shake on it"
They use the kronor as their currency. This is how we know the novel takes place in Scandinavia.
It's a very sports dominated book so if that isn't your type of book, maybe don't pick this up. There is emotional stuff as well though, although it's not a romance at all! 
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The Futures by Anna Pitoniak Review

Hey ForeverBookers, 
Yesterday, I finished a contemporary book called The Futures by Anna Pitoniak and it was great! This would have been what I read for Read A Hyped Book for the booktubathon, as I've heard a few Booktubers hype it up.
It's now available to buy/download too. I read the arc from NetGalley so thanks to them for giving me access.
It's told in duel POV format, where we see how the main events of the book affect both our main characters, Evan and Julia. The perspectives were quite easy to tell apart as each chapter is titled with the name of the character it's coming from. Also it switched every chapter as well as the personalities differing throughout. I normally don't like it when a female author writes a male POV or vice versa because I don't think they know what men feel, just as I don't think men know what women feel. I, however thought that Pitoniak did a good job in this case as the story deals more with emotion than sex, I guess. The Futur…

Misadventures Of A City Girl by Meredith Wilde and Chelle Bliss Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I've read my sixth book for the booktubathon! It was Misadventures Of A City Girl by Meredith Wilde and Chelle Bliss and it was so good! 
NOTE: If you don't like highly sexual books then I'd stay away from this one. Also, some might class it as kind of instalovey but I didn't think it was. There's a PTSD thread running throughout it as well. 
Misadventures Of A City Girl tells the story of Madison or Maddy, who after she's broken up with her husband goes to a mountainside retreat for a little while. What she doesn't know before she gets there, however is Luke, a rugged caveman type of man lives up on the mountain in a shack. Maddy and Luke have some adventures together both in and out of bed. 
Spoilers Below...
Madison is a new divorcee at the beginning of Misadventures Of A City Girl . She wants to go away to Avalon, a mountain retreat for some time to herself.
"I don't want to be converted. I just need some quiet time, maybe a few m…

Dream Me by Kathryn Berla Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I read  "Dream Me" by Kathryn Berla for the "read a book with a person on the cover" part of the booktubathon last week, and I loved it!
Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me access to "Dream Me". It was a really cute story with an unexpected twist.
Teen drinking as well as drunk/abusive parents play a role in "Dream Me" so if you're sensitive to that I'd suggest maybe not reading it. The abuse is never shown, just alluded to. 
"Dream Me" is a contemporary read with a slight sci-fi twist that tells the story of Babe, a teenage girl who experiences dreams of a boy, Zat. She doesn't understand these dreams until part way through the novel. 
"Dream Me" is written in both first and third person. I like reading books told in first person cause I feel I can connect to the character and what's happening more. Also we see articles from Babe's blog. These are significant to the story because it help…

The Second Sister by Claire Kendle Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 

I've just finished The Second Sister by Claire Kendal and it was a gripping read. It tells the story of Elle (Melanie), who lost her sister, Miranda mysteriously. The whole novel focuses on her finding the answers of what happened to Miranda and working out who X is.
The term "X" isn't ever used in the book itself. I'm just using it cause I don't want to spoil anything about the culprit.
Thank you to NetGalley for granting me access to The Second Sister. It was a good read with several twists and turns.
NOTE: This book is an adult read, I think or at least a 16+ read. Also there's talk of crime, corruption and abuse as well as a supposed murder in The Second Sister so if you're sensitive to any of that, maybe stay away from this novel. 
I read this book for the "Read a book about a totally different character than you" part of the Booktubathon. Ella isn't anything like me in the fact that she's lost her sister as I don…