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Larchfield by Polly Clark Review

Hi ForeverBookers, I've just finished Larchfield. It was a good story of hope, loss, finding oneself and redemption. I believe this is a standalone also. 
I got Larchfield through NetGalley so thanks to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read it! It releases on March 23rd 2017! 

NOTE: there are adult situations in Larchfield! 
3 Stars! 
Larchfield tells the story of two characters. One, Wystan is a relative of WH Auden. He's also a writer. He's going to Scotland to work at Larchfield, a boys school. We see him struggle with who he's meant to be throughout the novel. The other character is called Dora, also a writer. She's a married, pregnant woman at the beginning of Larchfield. Her and her husband have just moved house, to a place on the sea. However, not all is right with Dora who experiences set backs throughout Larchfield. 
Spoilers below... Wystan is gay. We see this quite early on in the novel. Working at a boys school puts temptation in his way, qui…
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About Last Night by Catherine Alliott Review

Hi ForeverBookers,

I've just finished About Last Night, and I enjoyed it. It's an adult contemporary novel, which I normally like. The book was released on 9th March 2017, so it's available to buy now...

I got About Last Night through NetGalley, so thanks to NetGalley for the chance to read and review it!

3 Stars!

It tells the story of a middle aged woman, Molly who's alone with her three children and her ups and downs with life and living on a farm.

The story is quite simple. It follows Molly and her three children, now adults and a husband (David) at the beginning of the story. She gets caught up in falling for someone else though and cheating with him, which David finds out about. Then David doesn't then trust her, obviously. He has a car accident and dies. Molly is left on her own with her children. Molly is a struggling farm wife as well, since David's death.

Molly then hears about a will from a family member of David. When she looks into this she sees th…

Good Me, Bad Me by Ali Land Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
NetGalley granted me permission to read Good Me Bad Me, and review it for you guys! I'm pleased to say that I enjoyed this. This book doesn't release until September 2017, according to Goodreads so add it to your TBR's if it sounds like something you might want to read. 
TRIGGER WARNING: Good Me, Bad Me explores the character of an abuse victim and how that abuse both mental and physical impacts on a family, ultimately.
3.5 Stars!
Good Me, Bad Me tells the story of a girl who has lost her mother through crime. Her mum has killed 10 other children, whilst in her job as a nurse. Annie, or Milly as the girl is known to her new family has to move in with a new family and try to get on as best she can. Mike, Milly's foster father is like her councillor and the one to go to for advice. Saskia, the foster mother was a pretty rubbish mother figure, even to her own daughter, Phoebe. She was more concerned with her own life that that of her daughter and Mill…

The Book Of Life (The All Souls Trilogy Book 3) by Deborah Harkness Review

Hi ForeverBookers, I've just finished the third book of my favourite trilogy EVER, The Book Of Life!

5 Stars!

Spoilers below if you haven't read the previous books!

It starts where Shadow Of Night finished, with Diana and Matthew having just returned from the past. In the first chapter Diana learns of a death of a family member of hers.  Matthew is there to look after and protect his wife who is also the mother of his unborn twins.

Ysabeau and Diana definitely become more like mother and daughter in this book. They trust each other to do the best for Matthew. Diana is Philippe's blood sworn daughter after book 2, but in book 3 we can see a motherly bond over Diana from Ysabeau. Philippe's bloodsworn children don't except Diana as one of them, however as they weren't there to see the blood oath happen.

Matthew is revealed as the de Clairmont assassin because he was ruthless before he met Diana. When he was ordered to do something, he did it. Since Diana came i…

He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly Review

Hi ForeverBookers, I've just finished a great book. I normally only read romance/YA/paranormal books, so He Said She Said is a little out of my preferred genre as it's a crime thriller at heart. 
I got He Said/She Said through NetGalley so thanks to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read it. He Said/She Said releases in April 20th 2017, according to Goodreads. 
Did I enjoy He Said/She Said? Yes.
Would I recommend He Said/She Said? To an adult, yes, if you want a chilling, read where you don't know who to trust. To a teenager, no because the story got depressing in places and I honestly don't think a teenager would enjoy it. To a child, no. It's not the sort of book a child should be reading. I'd give He Said/She Said an age rating of 16+.
Would I reread He Said/She Said? No. Just because with crime/thriller books I think I only need to read them once to get the full story. There's an answer at the end - did he/she do whatever they're being acc…

Rosie's Little Café On The Riviera by Jennifer Bohnet Review

Hi ForeverBookers, 
I've just finished this NetGalley e-arc, so thanks to NetGalley for giving me the chance to read it! It was a cute story with the potential for a sequel. It's released on March 3rd on Kindle, according to Goodreads and February 23rd on both kindle and in paperback, according to 
We follow three women in France. Rosie is the main girl. She gets the most chapters dedicated to telling her story, I think. Rosie is English but has moved to France to open a cafe and to leave her baggage behind her. There are also two other women that we follow but their stories aren't as necessary as Rosie's, I don't think. 
Spoilers below...
In the first couple of chapters, she meets Seb, a young guy who owns a restaurant near her cafe. She and Seb start out as friends but as the book carries on, they end up together. Seb has a daughter with another woman, who is horrible and doesn't care for anyone but herself. Rosie loves being around both Seb an…

Shadow Of Night (The All Souls Trilogy Book 2) by Deborah Harkness Review

Hi ForeverBookers, how are you all faring today? 
I've just finished a great book! It was a reread but I loved it WAY more than the other times I've read it. It was Shadow Of Night by Deborah Harkness.
5 Stars! 
The book is broken into 6 parts. This means that as the reader I didn't get lost in what I was reading as I knew where each part was taking place. For some present day chapters, they're the last chapter in a section but you can clearly tell they're set in present day because of the characters/settings etc.
Trigger warning: Shadow Of Night has moments of loss and moments of violence. It's an adult book anyway, but if you've experienced miscarriage or violence then this might not be the book for you. The miscarriage is only touched lightly on. It's not a huge part of the plot.
Spoilers below...
It starts just where A Discovery Of Witches finished with Diana and Matthew time travelling into the past, 1590 to be exact.  They've travelled back t…